Customers have 24 hour access 365 days a year.
No matter the time or day, our customers have access via key cards 24/7. This makes planning and entertaining a stress free event.

Our facility is kept at a constant 55-57 degrees and is continuously monitored to prevent drops or spikes in temperature.

Proper humidity must be maintained to prevent the cork from drying and shrinking, thus allowing oxygen to enter the bottle. Too much humidity can cause mold growth in the cork and/or ruin your labels. Our facility is kept at a relative 65-70% humidity.

Ultraviolet light will age and destroy your wine, which is the primary reason wine is traditionally bottled in colored glass. Consequently it makes sense to store wine away from the potentially damaging effects of such light sources. The enclosed construction of our facility blocks all natural light.

Vibration caused by compressors can agitate wine sediment and adversely affect flavor. Vibration introduces energy into your wine and causes premature aging. Home wine refrigerators are not a good place to store wines long term. Our facility is completely vibration-free, using a split air system with all mechanical equipment located outside the storage area.

Very affordable. A 20-case locker (240 bottles) with us costs less than $250 a year. Operating a wine refrigerator in your home would be more expensive and offer much less space. Our facility is the least expensive and the best place to store your wines and craft beers.

With more space to store your wines and /or beers, you have the flexibility to incorporate a wider diversity in your collection. You are no longer hindered by storage limitations in your home. And with more space available, you can grow your collection. We accept deliveries for you and put your shipment in individual holding lockers.

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