Along with preserving your wine in the best possible climate conditions, you want your investment to be protected.

Video Surveillance
Our facility is monitored with 22 cameras, 24 hours a day. All video is simultaneously recorded on a closed circuit digital video recorder.

Storage Access
Each client is given a seperate key card, linked to their individual locker number, for access to the storage area.

Locker Design
All lockers have enclosed walls and doors to ensure the privacy of the contents, while maintaining excellect air flow. We do not use wire cages for your storage. Customers provide their own locks, so they only have access to their locker contents.

Alarm System
A full-time security company actively monitors the facility around the clock to help keep your investment as safe as possible. Temperature and humidity recordings are taken and logged every 10 minutes. Alarm systems notify us if climate conditions fall out of specified ranges.

Back-Up Generator
We have our own back up generator in case of power outages and electrical grid failures.

Fire Protection
Our building and our lockers are constructed using fireproof materials~concrete and steel~to prevent the loss of your collection due to fire.

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